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How to Send Bulk Fouad WhatsApp Messages

    There will always be times when we need to send bulk Fouad WhatsApp messages for various reasons. However, in the original WhatsApp there was a limit on the number of messages that could be forwarded. In the original WhatsApp, messages were limited to five forwards. If you forward a message five times in a row, a double-arrow icon will be displayed saying that the message has been “forwarded multiple times”. However, the development team at Fouad WhatsApp has figured out how to solve this problem! In Fouad WhatsApp, by changing the settings, users can forward up to 250 messages at once. Want to know how to do this? It’s not difficult, so let’s learn!

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    The step to send bulk Fouad WhatsApp messages

    • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and find Settings
    • Find Universal, then click Settings again
    • In Settings, scroll down and find Increase Forward limit and turn this option on. At this point, you will be able to forward messages up to 250chats as stated in the option!
    • The development team at Fouad WhatsApp has always been so considerate. They are willing to give users more power to ensure that they have a perfect experience. To send bulk Fouad WhatsApp messages is not a difficult task, so give it a try!

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