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How to Like a message in FM WhatsApp?

    FMWhatsApp is an instant messaging app globally. In the latest version, it provided a new function for all users–” Message reaction“, Which allows users to react to a message with an emoji. It can tell the person how the receiver felt about the message that he sent. The answer about how to Like a message in FMWhatsApp, which need to use the “Reaction” function.

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    Following the provided steps, you will know how to send a “Like” response message.

    How to Like a message:

    1. Download the latest FMWhatsApp on the website.
    2. Open the FM WhatsApp and find the message that you want to Like.
    3. Long press the message.
    4. A opened box with emoji will appear.
    5. Tap the “Like” emoji from the pop-up.

    How to Remove a Like reaction:

    If you want to change or delete the emoji in FMWhatsApp that you have reacted to, then you need to do these.

    1. Hover over the message you reacted to, then tap the emoji icon.
    2. A pop-up will appear.
    3. Tap your Like reaction to remove it.

    (The other emoji reaction are the same operation)

    Message reaction is a simple way to make the person on the other end of the chat know which emoji is match that message. It can eliminate the chaos that results from sending different emojis as reactions to different messages. Therefore, when you chat with someone, you can try to use “Like” and other emoji reactions to reply to the message now. It can eliminate a lot of unnecessary information misunderstandings.

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