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How do I stop WhatsApp Plus from automatically downloading?

    Check if your WhatsApp Plus has Auto Download enabled Many people love WhatsApp Plus, but you may find that WhatsApp Plus is taking up memory space on your phone without you realizing it. So you need to check WhatsApp Plus: If you enable automatic downloading in WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Plus will download searched photos, audio, video, and documents by default. Automatic downloads on WhatsApp Plus also use a lot of mobile data. Therefore, it is recommended to know how to stop the automatic download of WhatsApp Plus to avoid using too much phone memory and mobile data.

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    Stop the steps to automatically download onWhatsApp Plus

    • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of WhatsApp Plus latest version and you’ll see five options. Tap SETTINGS.
    • Do you see a circular pattern? What we’re looking for is behind the data usage and storage.
    • At this point, you will see a subbar for “Automatic media Downloads”. If you select “when using mobile data”, WhatsApp Plus will automatically download images, audio, video and files by default. Uncheck them all and click “OK” to save them.
    • If you do not want WhatsApp Plus to download automatically when connected to WiFi, select “when connected to WiFi” and then deselect all options. Finally, remember to click “OK” to save.

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