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How to keep GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp chat history and install each other?

    This article will teach you how to install GBWhatsApp without keeping WhatsApp chat history. And on how to delete GB WhatsApp and get back to normal WhatsApp without data loss.

    How do I install GB WhatsApp on Android devices

    1. First of all, if you are already using the official version of Whatsapp and want to save your old emails in GBwhatsapp, please don’t forget to put them in Whatsapp

    Back up your chat history. To do this, do the following: Open Whatsapp > Go to “Settings” > “Chat” & gt; And then click the backup Chat option.

    Whatsapp will back up all your messages.

    2. After that, download GB Whatsapp from the link above by going to “Settings” >. “Application” > “Whatsapp” & gt; “Unload (don’t clean up data)

    “To uninstall Official whatsapp and then install GBwhatsapp. Apk on your Android device.

    3. Now, if you have a whatsapp chat backup and would like to restore it to GBwhatsapp, follow these steps:

    Open file manager > Open the store (internal or external, depending on where the device stores whatsapp files) and go to the folder called whatsapp.

    Now rename this folder for WhatsApp to GBWhatsapp.

    After renaming the folder, open it, you will see a folder named Media, open this folder, inside the Media folder, you will see many folders, such as WhatsApp Audio, WhatsApp Video, etc. Rename each folder to GB (original folder name), for example: – Rename WhatsApp Audio to GBWhatsApp Audio and rename all such folders.

    View images to learn about the batter.

    4. After renaming all folders, now open GB Whatsapp from the App Drawer and you will see that it will ask for your phone number just like normal Whatsapp. The setting process of GBWhatsapp is the same as the official process, therefore

    5. Enter your phone number here and it will validate your phone number against the OTP code and finish.

    How to delete GB WhatsApp and get back to normal WhatsApp without losing data?

    The process is simple.

    1. Just open gbwhatsapp and go to Settings > Chats > Backup Chats.

    2. Delete the gbwhatsapp application after the backup is done.

    3. Now go to your file manager and there will be a folder called Gbwhatsapp.

    4. Rename it to Whatsapp. Then open that folder and you’ll find that each subfolder has a Gb prefix in its name.

    5. Rename each folder and remove the GB prefix from it.

    6. After that install the original WhatsApp app and fill in your phone number.

    7. Click Restore.

    All your chats and media will be restored to before.

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